Author: Christopher Roch

The Gardens at Fielding, NZ

Recently I stayed at a friends home in New Zealand. The garden was full of apple trees, pear trees and strange bushes that seemed to move when you were not looking. Lots of beautiful greens and golden shades. Just magical…

New Zealand Flowers

These are a series of illustrations of New Zealand garden flowers painted at the Auckland Domain Wintergardens. The Wintergardens are filled with colourful, Peonies, Lupins, Purple Iris, Roses, Tulips, Foxgloves and Alliums.

New Zealand Flora

Dotted around Lake Taupo on the New Zealand north island is a rich collection of flora and fauna. Some wild, some cultivated, these illustrations show the diversity of the area.

Lake Taupo

I recently moved to New Zealand and set about discovering the landscapes, flora and fauna of the north island. Painted near Lake Taupo and Whangarei Heads, these illustrations reflect the life around New Zealand’s mountains and water’s edge.

Cactus for WS Home

Inspired by the flora and fauna of southern desert climates, the enduring fascination with all things cacti is gathered into a garden of delights complete with succulents and their flowers.

California Living

Based on the endless California summer vibes, David Hockney illustrations and West Coast fabrics meld into a cool collection of bohemian prints. The inspiration behind these vision boards is drawn from LA villages; Venice Beach and Silver Lakes, from summer festivals and bohemian lifestyles.

Aerin Collection for WS Home

The Aerin Collection for WS Home is a collaboration with Aerin Lauder and is inspired by the rich blues, whites and muted tones of her summer home. The creative is an eclectic mix of Dutch and Asian indigo china, the simple greens of Aerin’s garden and the simple cream and gold highlights of her surroundings.

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

These traditional Yuletide illustrations, created for William Sonoma Home, draw inspiration from the colours of Christmas; Deep reds, blacks and whites highlighted alongside deep gold trimmings. The illustrations were made to adapt to all types of crockery including mugs, plates, platters, glasses and bowls.