Author: Christopher Roch

Marigolds amongst the Ferns

From May 07th until the 28th, I will be exhibiting new works at the Weekend Gallery, 233 Scenic Drive, Titirangi, Aucjkland. UPDATE: This show has been extended until the 18th of June 2023. For all updates and information on artworks, please contact the Weekend Gallery.

For The Birds

Nature’s wide variety of colour is captured in my avian illustrations. Birds are a favourite of mine – I create these for paper, fabrics and homeware products. Combining character with colour, my bird illustrations try to capture the essence of these feathery fascinators.

Wallace Cotton Kowhai Garden

Kowhai Garden takes inspiration from the delicacy of New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna and is based on the designs of French archival toiles. Petals and ferns are abundant amongst dragonflies and rendered in inky blue on crisp white cotton.