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Cactus for WS Home

Inspired by the flora and fauna of southern desert climates, the enduring fascination with all things cacti is gathered into a garden of delights complete with succulents and their flowers.

Aerin Collection for WS Home

The Aerin Collection for WS Home is a collaboration with Aerin Lauder and is inspired by the rich blues, whites and muted tones of her summer home. The creative is an eclectic mix of Dutch and Asian indigo china, the simple greens of Aerin’s garden and the simple cream and gold highlights of her surroundings.

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

These traditional Yuletide illustrations, created for William Sonoma Home, draw inspiration from the colours of Christmas; Deep reds, blacks and whites highlighted alongside deep gold trimmings. The illustrations were made to adapt to all types of crockery including mugs, plates, platters, glasses and bowls.

Rainy Days Paradise Bedding

My original illustrations of birds created for WS Home are featured here in this new collection. Titled, Rainy Day Paradise Bedding, these pillows and linens feature tropical birds and plants.

Birds for WS Home

Much of my time at William Sonoma Home is taken up sketching; observing nature and producing detailed paintings that are used for various homewares. Some of the paintings from this series of birds were used by WS Home for their Winslow Pheasant Organic bedding seen here.