Ladies from the gardens of New Zealand

Introducing my new series of wonderful characters from the gardens of New Zealand.

Belinda Bluebell Ball

“Belinda Bluebell Ball” she lives in stripes and loves the colour blue. She has a tiny waist, perfect for all occasions. Belinda loves her garden, especially when it’s covered in shades of blue and bluebells 🌿💙 Her skirts are made of vintage air balloons, she loves it when the winds are so strong, that she can fly across the fields and forests. She lives for the annual summer ball 🙌⭐️💙

Cornelia Camellia Rose

“Cornelia Camellia Rose” her garden is a place of beauty, full of flowers and creatures of nature. Cornelia’s skirts are made of giant flower petals, hand-sewn very carefully 🙌 she sips pink champagne from tiny Chrystal coupe glasses, and loves candy floss.
We love you Cornelia 🌷❤️

Agatha Green Stone

“Agatha Green Stone” is a tiny lady who lives in her secret garden hidden from the human eye. She loves to drink green tea with honey, and eats lots of lettuce leaves and cucumber sandwiches, they are so tiny she can eat an entire plate full. All her clothes are hand sewn from garden plants💚