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A Painted Garden; Day 33

It rained and it rained again This little creation took place while the rain lashed down on the garden, I almost thought I was going to be hit by lightning, but alas only Steve our wonderful cat running out of the garden as he was really wet ⛈⛈Enjoy@christopherroch @thefantailhouse

A Painted Garden; Day 32

The garden carnival This little painting reminded me of a carnival of garden fiesta and colour. The rain started then it stopped and started again🌧🌈🌧 Follow me on my painted garden journey as I discover and create new paintings that reflect the ever changing garden in Glen Eden, Auckland.

A Painted Garden; Day 31

Blurred day in the garden Rain🌧💦⛈ Creating this little painting was a strange mix of fast little brushes strokes as the rain was lashing down into the garden. A rainbow came out but I decided to take tiny flecks of colour and add them to the painting, creating a blurred but exciting garden rainy day […]

A Painted Garden; Day 30

The two tall Kauri trees Beautiful kauri trees that are still quite young in the garden, stand tall and thin like giants guarding the land. The sky had turned a beautiful shade of pink and mauve. Wonderful foliage surround the towering trees. Follow me on my journey as I explore and paint my garden in […]

A Painted Garden; Day 29

The golden tree at 4 o’clock Late afternoon painting, capturing a huge tree turning golden in the Autumn weather. Lashings of greens still surround the garden, but the air is cool, the sky is a shade of mauve and pale blue.Everyday the garden is changing with the weather, Autumn into winter.

A Painted Garden; Day 27

Watercolour explosion at Twilight Painted garden series, Glen Eden, Auckland. A night time painting of washed greens and inky blues create the mood of twilight. Colours merge and blend to create a moody palette in the painted garden.

A Painted Garden; Day 26

Dab Dab goes the paint Painted garden series #26 Glen Eden, Auckland.🎨A late afternoon painting while all the colour’s of the garden are changing. Dab dab goes the paint, creating a colour block effect. Greens merge with teal and limes, orange and burnt amber shades are settled together between deep greens and inky blue, while […]

A Painted Garden; Day 25

Cartoon garden Pen & Watercolour, 9”x12” 🎨🌴🌿 A fun little sketch that reminded me of a whimsical cartoon painting.Pen and watercolour was today’s exploration of colour and line work. Fun listening to the birds while my pen and brushes take me on a new journey each time I paint or sketch.DM me for prices or […]

A Painted Garden; Day 24

Feeling Blue, garden blues “Feeling Blue, garden blues” #24 painted garden series #24 Garden in blue today, feeling a bit blue🌏💙 Brushstrokes created movement on the paper today, so I just went with it💙🙏 Glen Eden Garden, Auckland, New Zealand.DM me for Art prices or commissions please🙏💙