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A Painted Garden; Day 23

Lost in the garden 🌴 So many shades of green, everyday the garden changes with the light and the weather. Follow me on my painted garden series while I discover and explore my watercolours and various brushes to create fun little paintings.🌱🌿🌴🌳🦜 DM me for prices and commissions please💫🙏🌱🌴#fabrianopaper

A Painted Garden; Day 22

Painting by numbers in technicolor Painted on watercolour paper,Painting by numbers, or having fun with my paintbox. A fun late afternoon of painting in my garden in Autumn, Glen Eden, New Zealand. series #22

A Painted Garden; Day 21

Kaleidoscope garden in green & blue Just catching up on my garden series in Glen Eden, Auckland. Today’s painting took the style of looking through a kaleidoscope into the garden🔷🔹🛣🌱🌳💫🌿 Each garden painting has a life of it’s own, all paintings from my garden in Glen Eden, Auckland, New Zealand, 🌴🌿🌱💙🌴🌿💫🌱 DM me if you […]

A Painted Garden; Day 20

Potty Garden in the rain Still life in the garden series #20. Fun morning using pen and watercolour and sketching the indoor plants that I put out into the rain. Potted garden in the garden💫🌿”Potty Garden in the rain” Follow me on my painted garden series of my garden in Glen Eden, Auckland, 🌿🌱🌴🌳🪴 #20 […]

A Painted Garden; Day 19

Step into the garden🌿🌳🦚🌴💚🌴 Pen and watercolour quick sketch into the garden at Glen Eden, Auckland. Fun time playing with pen and watercolour, colour and loose brushstrokes. Follow me on my painted journey of my garden for a year🌿🦚🙏💫🎨

A Painted Garden; Day 17

Garden Blues in watercolour Big brushstrokes creating a mashup of greens and blue leaves & foliage in the garden before sunset.DM me if you would like to purchase a painting or commission me, thx

A Painted Garden; Day 16

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue Painted garden series #16 takes you on the journey of blues reflecting in the garden. Enjoying the big brushstrokes within a small palette of watercolour paper. 🦋🌏💙

A Painted Garden; Day 15

The delight of blue and green paint Follow me on my painting journey of my garden in Glen Eden. Today’s painting was inspired by abstract artists, colour, blue & green of the garden, abstract shapes, big brushstrokes.

A Painted Garden; Day 14

Nighttime cartoon effect in the garden at night Nighttime sketching in the garden🌴💜🌚 #14 Layers of watercolour merging in the dark, outlined with a white pen to create a cartoon effect.

A Painted Garden; Day 13

Tulips in the fish shaped vase Painted garden series today, “Tulips in the fish shaped vase” in memory of our wonderful dog Tulip🌷🙏🎨 #13.I took the vase of Tulips and painted them on the garden patio fence. I have always loved Tulips, the greens of the garden disappeared into the blue sky today, and the […]